Theodore Lambrinos - Testimonials

“If you want to sing better, you must study with Ted! He is the best baritone in the world and is also a truly great teacher who can teach you solid vocal technique. He does not give you confusing, ambiguous ideas but the “real deal”. Go meet him and book your first lesson! You will find yourself becoming a much better singer. That’s what happened to me!” Kyu Won Han, Baritone (San Francisco Opera and international opera houses

“I had not sung for many, many years when I decided to resume lessons. Ted brought me back from the dead and got me singing better than I had 20 years before. He is the best teacher I ever had and I look forward to continuing to work with him.” Bruce Rabbino, Bass, New York City

"Ted is a very well established professional singer, a fantastic tutor, and a great guide. He quickly detects what's not working and with clear and simple guidance gets me on the right path. And when you stick with his guidance and your lessons, progress under Ted's leadership is simply inevitable! Above all, Ted leaves you with a genuine feeling that he really cares for you. I'm very pleased to have had the chance to work with Ted, and I look forward to my next lesson!" Refik Oner, Tenor - London, UK via Skype

“With Ted, the proof is in the pudding. He has sustained a monster of a career for over forty glorious years and his voice only seems to get better with time. From Broadway to Opera, there's only one technique, one way to sing; the RIGHT way!! And he knows how to do it. Period. His knowledge, expertise, warmth and humanity are all evident each and every time he opens his mouth, whether to sing or instruct. I feel privileged and fortunate to have his guidance and invaluable experience.” Toby Andrews, Baritone, Rhode Island

“Whatever artistic level the aspiring singer is at, Theodore Lambrinos can help you to systematically build a solid foundation developing better control, command and eventual mastery of your voice!” Jean Yves, Tenor, New York City